[gorjuss] Links for Monday, 1st October 2012

Giles Turnbull giles at gilest.org
Mon Oct 1 10:12:57 PDT 2012

Here are some old Mark and Lard shows (music edited out) for you to enjoy.


... if you search archive.org for "Mark and Lard", you'll find plenty
more where that came from.

The Great Western Lego Show is on again soon (Oct 6/7th). We shall
probably make the trip to Swindon to check it out.


Elspeth & Lottie's printer letters


The most interesting thing I took from this BBC article debunking the
"100 cod left in the North Sea" story wasn't that a newspaper had got
something wrong, but that cod stocks, it says, are improving:

"Trawlerman Brian Buchan was infuriated by the headlines because, he
says, while there certainly was a problem with North Sea cod stocks in
the past, the situation is rapidly improving. "We've seen more cod
this year then we've seen for 30 years," he says."


If, like me, you've always been into music but no longer have your
finger on the pulse in quite the same way that your 20-something self
did, you'll probably be just as surprised as I was to hear that Vince
Clarke and Martin L Gore have done an album of techno stuff together,
under the name VCMG. The album's called "SSSS", and you can listen to
it on Spotify here:


Clean Writer Pro is a new OS X text editor, quite similar to WriteRoom
but without the horrible themes and the lovely typewriter mode. Also,
it's only 69p at the moment.


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